Where To Get Free Pallets

Pallet projects have become a passion for me lately. I have always liked woodworking but something about upcycling a beat up pallet is especially satisfying.

I always have about 10 pallets in my garage at any given time. And as I use them up, I'm on the prowl for new ones.

If you are getting started on pallet creations you might be wondering where to get them.  Not only that, but in most cases, one pallet is not enough. You will probably need to salvage pieces from multiple pallets to get the wood you need for any one project.

That's part of the challenge and part of the fun.

So where can you get enough pallet wood?

My go to source is behind stores. And I don't just take them, because I've learned that's bad etiquette. Some places prefer you don't take their pallets because they have an exchange in place. You'll be messing up their system.

So big box stores are usually a no go.

Smaller businesses are the best. They might have ordered some freight and just need to make the pallets disappear.

If I can catch an employee out back on break I'll ask if it's ok to load a few. If I get the green light, l load up my truck.

Through the course of the day I'll keep my eyes open for new places to salvage.  Better still if I see pallets next to a dumpster. That's a free for all. Plus, there might be other great pieces to salvage in the trash. Upcycling goes beyond pallet projects.

My second source is on Craigslist. There are plenty of people looking to clear out their business loading dock and need someone to take those pallets as a favor.

Make a mental note of the hotspots for salvaging. Apartment complexes dumpsters, the back of strip malls. Pretty soon you will have more material than you can handle. All that is left is to turn it into something awesome.

One of the best feelings is creating a piece from 100 percent salvaged material. It's almost a badge of honor.

Occasionally you'll need to buy some odds and ends to bring the project together. But in the spirit of keeping things green, challenge yourself to make your project from purely salvaged material.

Good luck! And send me some pics of your own work!

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