Tuesday Update

Today wasn't too forgiving so getting projects done was next to impossible. But I still made some time to get out to the man cave, also known as the garage, and plane a few boards for an upcoming project.

I'm motivated because I've got some buyers for some of the pieces I've made and requests for more. The best part is, I can make more stuff without worrying that my own home will fill up with my creations. Oh, and of course selling the stuff means money in my pocket. Always a plus.

I looked into making an Etsy store, so that is in the works. So look forward to some shameless stuff plugs once I get that set up.

For now I'm listing my stuff for sale locally on facebook groups and Craigslist. Of course that doesn't mean I can't ship something if you want it. Just send me a message and I'll take care of you.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween, and now we are in no shave November. Let it grow gents, let it grow!

Have a great night!

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