Planning Out My Home Decor

I think a lot of Americans are at a point where their home decor is coming full circle. That 70s look is definitely dated, that 80s look was drab. The 90s and the 2000s didn't have much to offer, aside from something called "ultra-modern", which, if you ask me, is ultra boring.

So that rustic and worn Americana look is back in full force. And I kind of like it. 

It brings some familiarity, along with a homey comfort that was missing with the other afore mentioned styles.

Part of this style is the salvaged and upcycle design that I love. Which is why I am so jazzed on pallet projects.

Wood brings another layer of life into the home. I mean after all, wood is alive. Or was alive? I'm not totally sure. Trees are alive. Wood comes from trees. You do the math.

So what I'm going for is a rustic beachy Americana look. It's going to take some time. But that's part of the fun. 

Today was no exception. I was working on a pallet creation for the kitchen. Photos to follow once I get it done.

Of course I still have some half finished projects that need finishing. Buckets full of shells from the Florida beach that need to be used in something....I haven't figured it out yet. Some blank canvases that need painting. The list is long.

So the work in progress will be "in progress" for a long time to come. And truthfully, once it's done, it may be time to change it again. So the work continues. And so will this blog. 

So I'll finish up this Pabst Blue Ribbon, and get back to work. Tomorrow. Today I'm punching that proverbial clock and turning in. Goodnight all!

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