Sunday Update

It's late on a Sunday and it's time for an obligatory blog post, since I've been neglectful for a few days. Work life is great which means time for side projects is limited. I do have a few pieces in the works though. Hopefully this week is a little more forgiving and I'll have some pictures of final projects to share.

On the list of pallet projects, I have a few great pieces that I'll probably end up keeping for my own home. A pair of candle sconces to hang on the landing of the stairs is almost done. For those I found a perfect pallet that had really took some abuse from the Florida sun. Once I sanded it down, the grey wood had a nice boathouse look. I'm excited to get those on the wall and burn a few candles on them, it will bring back that Americana beachy feel to my home

I've also got a great pallet fresh off the mill that I found behind Staples, that I will promptly turn into a liquor bottle rack and coffee mug holder. I know, I know, it sounds like two things that don't go together but the finished product will change your mind.

Beyond that I've got some art that needs creating.. I'm trying to master the art of ink drawing , which is a favorite style of mine. Comic book art holds my fascination.

So that said, I'll be posting some updates soon. Thanks for checking out the blog. Comments are welcome!

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