Late Night Rant

It's late but I need to get a quick post up on the blog.

Partly because I have been swamped with work, and family time, which cuts into my creative hobby time. That means I don't have any new project pictures to share. And I feel guilty about that.

But what I have been doing is prepping for that moment when I do have time to create more. For example, the family and I spent all day yesterday on the boat and on a nice little island beach not far from home. I put my oldest son to work collecting shells and driftwood. Why? Well I'm sure down the road I'll need those things for some craft projects.

He did good, and now I have a nice collection of shells from beautiful Florida to use in my home decore. Project photos to follow. Let me brainstorm an idea and I'll get that up on the blog.

I also spent some time chatting with my sister across the country. We discussed our creative processes and I mentioned to her that I have this blog to showcase my hobbies. And more than just physical art and projects, I also began writing again. In fact, I wrote a first draft to a short story which I threw up on my other blog( it's still in the works, but I'll give you the link here ) So check that out and leave me some criticism if you so please. http://fyrstories.blogspot.com/

I love to draw and paint but it pains me to say I don't have any new pieces to share. I did spend some time collecting photos that inspired me. I do that regularly. If I see something I like, I snap a pic so I can reference it later.

The creative process is ongoing. Never stop learning and never stop creating.

Thank you all for checking out the blog. Leave a comment below!!

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