Working On An Etsy Shop

I just opened a shop on Etsy, where I plan to list several more items. There are a few things available now, so feel free to take a look:


Leave a comment below or shoot me a message with the contact form in the sidebar


Man Candles Ready To Go

I finally around to some more candle making. The material is cheap, and the finished product is nice. This set is a soy wax, with different shades of blue, scented with "fresh rain" or "ocean breeze". I have these listed on Ebay, but I think I may burn one for myself.

Here is the link to the current listing HERE

Of course once these sell, I will make more so feel free to leave me a message or comment below!


A Little Cerveza

my creativity has been channeled into different paths lately because life happens. I've been baking fresh bread and writing articles for one of my other sites. Along with some deep thought and research. But tonight is a good night. Having a Pacifico


It's Been a Rough Start to the New Year

Tonight I'm baking some homemade bread for tomorrow's breakfast. It's been a tough week but I'm coming out on top. I felt it was fitting to pop the cork on this bottle. A perfect relaxing blend


Today was a long day!

heres how I'm ending it. On a high note:

Here's a cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in one of my new pint glasses, embossed with my name.  A Christmas gift from my brother. Came complete with a 50 cal shell cut into a bottle opener inside an ammo can. With a day like today, I feel I have earned this drink. 

Keep that in mind. Beer always tastes better when you have earned it!