Rustic Wine Bottle Rack

Rustic Shabby Chic Bottle Rack
For the beverage connoisseur I made this little project. Total time, less than a day. Two days in all when you factor in the paint and sand job I did to give it the shabby look.

The pallets you find with the cutouts for forklifts are the best, because they give the variety to your strut boards. I mitred the ends off, and sanded them down just enough to make them smooth.

I purposely found wood that had a few nicks and blemishes so the whole thing would have that farmhouse look. I didn't want this to be anything but rustic. Not totally my style, but I can appreciate it. Also, I promptly posted this for sale so the end customer in mind who is looking for something like this is my target consumer.

All in all, it was as easy at it looks. I did take a bench plane to the face board to scrub it down so I didn't waste all day sanding it. A few passes with a sander and it was good to go. I also ran the plane over the edges at an angle to get that bevel look. Another few passes with the sander at they rounded out just right.

Next I took a can of apple red paint and poured it in a solo cup, added some water to thin it down to a stain and brushed it on.

Aside from the face board, I didn't sand much on the rest of the wood before I painted. I wanted to have something to sand off after the paint dried.

The thin coat of red looked great after it dried, so I took my oscilating tool with a medium sand paper and ran it over the wood.

The unsanded boards came out great, as the rough parts sanded off, the grain was left stained red, and a little wood is showing. I think that really made it pop.

I also sanded along the edges to expose some wood and really get it to look old and worn.

Usually I would say to sand by hand after painting but I think I managed to get a feel for using power tools with just enough pressure to get the look I wanted without going too far. .

A few hours down and I'm all set.

Here's the finished product

If you love it or hate it..leave a comment below!

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