Pallet Kitchen Decor

Well a while back the wife said she wanted an Americana themed kitchen. It's a work in progress but this is her birthday week, so I had to make sure to get something done.

For this project I used wood from two different pallets and a dowel rod. I went back to using the forklift cutout pieces of the pallet to get that look on the struts of the rack.

You'll notice that the wood is less than perfect in a few instances, and that was on purpose. I wanted something that had the imperfections. Something that would look old and have the feel of something you might see in an old farmhouse. Or Cracker Barrel. Lol.

Stain was minimal too. A light stain rubbed on with a rag. I only used a brush to make sure seems and cracks got color on them.

As always, this piece is a little heavy, so four toggle bolts keep it in place on the wall.

Hope you like it. Leave me your thoughts and questions below!

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