Multi-tool report

I have found that I use a multi tool as much as anything else when I'm building my projects. The versatility; from cutting to precision sanding and a medley of stuff in bwtweeen.

Here's my dilemma (side note: anyone else remember learning to spell that as "dilemna"!). I am pretty sure I burned out my original Fien Multimaster. It was great because of the quick connect feature to switch out attachments.

I have a Dremel version that is just as old, and it's about on the fritz as well.

To top it off I sold my Sonic Crafter a while back.

So I'm about to be up the creek without the proper tool and a stack of projects piling up.

Super bummer.

So a little googling taught me a few things. Fixing the Fien would be my first option, but even if I do it myself, I will still be spending about 80 bucks. A new one is a little steep for me right now.

So here's my options. And I'll share it with you because I bet I'm not the only one with this problem.

Harbor Freight has a generic oscillating tool that will do the trick for about 30 bucks. It will get me through what I have left until I have the funds for a better tool. I know people dump on Harbor Freight but they are still in business for a reason. Cheap tools, that eventually break, but for the short term and for the household repairs, it's a good option.

And for a few bucks more than the replacement part of the Fien, I can get a brand new Rockwell Sonic Crafter with all the attachments.

Now that ever manufacturer is building their tools to universally accept other manufacturers' attachments, it's a good place to be.

My advice to anyone is first thing, make sure you have an oscillating tool. And pick one that agrees with your wallet. Lastly, see how it feels in your hand. It should be comfortable, and maneuverable for what you want to use it for.

I'll try to make an unboxing video once I get my next tool to show you what it's all about.

Questions ?? Leave a comment or use the contact form in the sidebar. I'll get back to ya!

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