Review of Sierra Nevada Original

Time for a beer review. After all, this is a beer and DIY blog, and up until now I've neglected the beer!

Aside from a quick snapshot of some home brew IPA I had going, I have utterly failed in spreading the love when it comes to the bubbly bitter goodness.

Well, for tonight, as we wrap up the week and kick off the weekend, let's pop a top of one of my favorites: Sierra Nevada original.

I'm a west coast guy, even though right now I'm deep in south Florida, I'll never get past the great IPA culture of my home state.

Now most of the time, I'd opt for the hoppier, Sierra Nevada Torpedo. But even though the original has a lower Abv%,  a modest 5.6 percent, the clean taste makes up for it.

And for the uninitiated, it might be more than enough alcohol to make the drinking expert men well worth it.

If you are a beer drinker, but have yet to dabble in the IPA realm, let me offer some advice. Every beer has its place and time. A good hoppy IPA like this is meant to be sipped slow, and enjoyed cold.

So take a seat and turn the game on. Pop the top, and get back to creating tomorrow.

Goodnight all! Peace!

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