Pallet towel rack

Keeping with the theme of pallet furniture I started this towel rack shelf unit for my sons bathroom. The old plain-Jane towel rack that came with the house just wasn't cutting it. And with the extra little bit of storage space above the towel rack it helps keep his sink top clear of all his supplies. I hate clutter. So win-win.

The dowel rod can be purchased but I scavenged for this one and lucked out, saving me an extra couple of dollars.

The side pieces came from a single pallet, and once I assembled the unit, I ran a sander over it with course grit. I didn't want to make it too smooth, because I preferred the aged look, but I don't want splinters either.

Here's what I had at the halfway point:

Also, because of the imperfect nature of the boards I found that a little wood glue mixed with sawdust makes for an easy filler in some of the gaps. All in all I'm pleased with the finished product.

 This could be painted or stained in any way that you like. It could work great in a kitchen as a bottle rack and towel rack, or in the bathroom for the amenities.

I went ahead and chose a stain called "dfiftwood". It had the look of aged wood, which was a plus. I also sanded over a few edges and surfaces after staining so it would have a more distressed look.

I mounted this piece above the tub using some heavy duty toggle bolts, hidden up high on the back plate.

Questions? Leave a comment. I also am taking orders if you'd like one made for you

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