The Best Time To Write

Trying to maximize the creative potential of the mind is a challenge that I have not totally mastered.

I am fascinated by the work ethic of successful artists from all genres, because of the process by which they create. Through many podcasts, blogs and other media, I feel I've learned a few things.

For some of the ones I admire most I can see their process unfold through their art.

Doesn't matter if it's stand up comedy, music, or fine arts. What I can see and what I feel comes through their art is hours of work before the final product is on display.

They've spent hours writing or creating before we get to see the result. And I'm sure they have thrown out more work than they have finished.

It's part of what I found in my own efforts too. Not everything is perfect the first time around. But the real work is in the rough drafts of the project before the masterpiece is made.

This blog is not just a hobby or a venue to showcase my projects. I mean, yes, it is those things too. But it's also a medium for me to work on my own creativity by writing and forcing my mind to create.

So when is the best time to write? For me it's always been very very late at night. With some peace and quiet and my mind open.

What do you think is the best time for you to do creative work?

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