December Update!

This is another slow week for my projects, because life happens. But that doesn't mean I want to neglect the blog.

We've finally entered into December, which is officially holiday season. I know Christmas kind of swallows up the other holidays with its commercialism but it certainly doesn't have to be.

Gift giving and holiday decorating doesn't mean spending lots of money. My take is that the best part of the holiday is the creativity. The special recipes, the crafts, the thoughtfulness that goes into the gifts we give.

So making something to give away should really carry more value than purchasing something expensive to give right?

So I want to take advantage of the next few weeks to put some work together to give away. Of course I'll be sharing it here on the blog. As always, I'd love to hear the feedback, and if you like it, please click one of the share buttons below!

So here is a short list of some of the stuff that I will be posting soon:

An unboxing video of my new wood burner

An unboxing video of a new handplane

The next phase in the pallet trunk chest

A new rustic variation of a pallet trunk

A video description of cleaning a pallet for using in projects,

And most likely many more!

I'm really behind on my beer reviews and I apologize! Today I'm on Gatorade and water thanks to the flu, but that won't last forever!

Thanks for stopping by!

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