Sunday is A WASH!!

Today was a disappointing day for projects, but I am going to chalk it up as a learning lesson. Not everything is going to be perfect every time. And many times, it won't be.

I finished the trunk chest, minus the hinges and some stain work, stepped away, and I was just not happy. The lid piece which has given me so much grief just did not look right.

Now, it doesn't look bad, and possibly I could finish up the chest as it sits, call it a day, and see if someone on craigslist will want that piece.

But I am going to opt for a more labor intensive option. Rebuild the lid, using a different design and with some more time and care. Just to get something that I can feel good about.

I'm pretty bummed with the way this day turned out. I had a block of time, and rushed to make the most of it.

Well, haste does in fact make waste, as I was reminded today.


So not pictures to show. The project deserves to be done right and I will put in some time tomorrow to make it so. I just want to see it look proper.

With this failure, I also have lost the wind in my sails to do anything else tonight. I don't have the creative energy for much more. and I need to just brain dump this day, and begin anew tomorrow.

I'm pouring a Crown and coke, and calling it a night.


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